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1. Processing
Quantum Geoservices promises to provide high-tech, innovative solutions for your seismic data.
We are providing following processing services:

  • 2D/ 3D/ 4D, Multi Component and Transition Zone Processing
  • Velocity Model Building Pre – Stack Depth Migration (PreSDM)
  • AVO and Inversion Processing
  • Quality Control
  • Facilities and QC Workstation
  • Research and Development


2. Tape Transcription / Data Management Solution
Quantum Geoservices has partnered with Spectrum Data to provide the industry with Tape Transcription and Data Management Solutions.

  • Spectrum Data is Australasia’s largest exploration data recovery, reconstruction and transcription company
  • Data Recovery Company of choice in Australasia for seismic processing companies including WesternGeco, CGG, Paradigm, TGS Nopec, PGS and Quantum Geoservices.
  • Clients currently include Woodside Energy, Origin Energy, BHP Billiton, ExxonMobil, Shell, Total, ConocoPhillips, Apache, Eni, etc. and numerous government agencies and National Oil Companies such as JOGMEC, ONGC, Petronas, Crown Minerals - NZ, Pertamina, Geoscience Australia, etc.


3. Software Sales
Globe Claritas™ is a sophisticated software package for 2D and 3D land and marine seismic data processing. Designed for maximum flexibility, it gives you a no-constraints enabling layer for seismic data processing, developed over 20 years by GNS Science, New Zealand's premier geoscience provider.

Globe Claritas™ is cluster-enabled and highly scalable, with the ability to run on laptops through to supercomputers. It also gives you a custom module development environment, with straight-forward integration of third-party add-ons.

It was developed in order to maximize the cost/performance benefits to be gained from scalable parallel processor (SPP) and massively parallel processor (MPP) architecture of today's Supercomputers.

Globe Claritas™ software also incorporates the latest imaging and resolution technology including full Kirchhoff pre-stack time and depth imaging algorithms.


Other Services
In order with above mention services, Quantum Geoservices has partnered with GeoCom to provide the industry with following services:

  • On-site seismic data management
  •  Bureau based data loading and conversions between all common software platforms
  • Data audits and QC work using a range of our own purpose-built utilities
  •  2D data balancing
  •  Multi-3D merging
  •  Farm-out preparations and JV data distribution, including data clipping to permit boundaries
  •  3D correlation generation
  • Onboard 2D & 3D Processing and QC Capabilities