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17 March 2011:  Quantum Geoservices opens new data processing centre in Islamabad, Pakistan

Have you ever wondered, “How some companies find success while starting their business and others barely holds their head above water?”  Often the key to success to their delicate start up is having the right work force, complete hard work and good capital. Quantum Pakistan has hard working, skilled workforce and is financially sound.

On 17th of March 2011, Quantum Geoservices officially launched their operations in Pakistan. Many oil exploration companies attended this auspicious event. Sami Khan, the President and CEO of Quantum Geoservices (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, formally inaugurated the business with its operating office in F-11, Islamabad, Pakistan. The event started with the introduction of its operations in Islamabad. Quantum Pakistan has been operating for the past 7 months to understand the market structure and its dynamics.

Quantum Geoservices is the first independent privately owned pure play seismic processing company located in Singapore. Quantum Geoservices, together with its Australian joint venture partner, Dayboro Geophysical, have considerable experience in processing of extremely large land and marine 2D and 3D seismic surveys in both conventional and Pre-stack Time or Depth Migration processing.

Quantum Geoservices provides a full range of 2D, 3D and 4D land and marine geographical integrated/interactive solutions, including transition zone and multi component 3C processing. The main services, which Quantum Geoservices provides to its customers, are processing, tape transcription, and data management solutions.

Quantum Geoservices has experienced and skilled processing personnel with over 30 years of processing experiences and are based in Singapore, Pakistan and Brisbane processing centres to provide technical solutions to geophysical challenges.

In today’s modern and technical world, oil exploration companies need to process large amount of seismic data. These companies face challenges like high costs, lack of efficiency and insufficient technology because seismic data, often reaches terabytes in size. For these reasons Quantum Geoservices uses a modern data processing tool that increases the efficiency, decreases costs and is able to handle seismic data effectively and efficiently.

Quantum Geoservices provides GLOBE Claritas seismic processing package. It is a flexible, cost effective tool with attractive pricing option, customized training, and tool kits designed especially for geophysicists. The job control system (JCS) is an extension of the Claritas seismic process flow editor. Multiline projects are managed with JCS. JCS provides effectiveness of database with no overhead; it is a very flexible and optional framework for all processing projects. This processing system is designed to run effectively in Linux environment. JCS is also classified as a support for pre-stack processing modules.

Being a licensed processing system since 1996, it was originally designed to be a research and development platform. It has evolved into an industrial seismic processing tool kit that provides a scalable and flexible solution for seismic processing needs. This seismic processing system is a user-friendly processing system and provides its user’s ease to modify existing modules to fit their needs.

This processing system allows the user to run large industrial seismic processing projects efficiently. Claritas does not use an underlying database; instead a flexible database functionally is used through data management layer (DML) without any overhead. It is easily adaptable, fitting to corporate data structure and work flows by keeping multiple user and multiple projects organized. It is different and advanced because it has the quality to automatically store jobs, support files and data.

Limits to the amount of metadata are unlimited, this processing system helps user to stay organized with their workflow, where users can use unlimited number of header entries. It helps in storing useful metadata such as AGC scalars and velocity traces transiently or same to disc. Quantum helps to use such tools which use an interactive graphical application to coordinate 2D and 3D seismic survey geometry information. To create database and define wiggly line or 3D grid, text files, which contains logs, navigation files topographic surveys are easily input.

Quantum Pakistan brings foreign investment to Pakistan. Companies like Quantum create jobs, and boost oil exploration in Pakistan. Quantum will provide immediate seismic processing within the region for any potential oil wells, training, and immediate software solution. Quantum is a young and new dynamic company with extensive industry experience focused on quality, innovation and technology. It is fully committed in providing geophysical solutions to the E&P industry in the areas of both Pre-Stack Time and Pre-Stack Depth imaging. Pakistan is known for its geophysicists but they do not get an opportunity for seismic data processing, Quantum Pakistan is providing a seismic data processing where supervision will be held according to the concern of stake holders in Pakistan. In the long run Quantum will attract major oil well explorations companies of the world to Pakistan.

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